Day: June 12, 2021

Why Is Water Ingress a Problem?

In general, Li-ion batteries may suffer leak and short circuit due to higher water ingress. Thus, proper leak detection is a major criteria for satisfactory performance of a Li-ion battery over the expected lifespan of an electric vehicle. For an efficient leak detection, you may use the PIR (Passive Infrared) imager. Please check this link for more detailed information on this subject. This gadget is very convenient to install and it comes with mounting installation instructions.

Motor Oil Analysis Testing on the Cheap – Water Ingression Test

To prevent Li-ion batteries from getting damaged due to water ingress, you can always place them in a dry location where the temperature does not fluctuate. A dry location would be an insulated building, garage, or even a storage area for cars. You can also use the optional O-ring to dampen the surrounding area. If the O-ring is not available, you can try using silicon spray or other self cleaning agents which are widely available in auto parts stores. For further safety measures, you can always replace the power connector and lead if it gets damaged due to water ingress.

It is recommended to always use high-quality C-rating silicon lubricant when operating under water ingress because it has excellent thermal protection characteristics. This lubricant also provides excellent chemical protection that is required for Li-ion cell manufacturers. If you still think that the above steps are inadequate for your protection requirements, you can always consult with a qualified Li-ion battery supplier or your auto parts dealer. They should be able to provide you with the most appropriate Li-ion battery owner’s guide or warranty information. Always remember, proper Li-ion battery care and protection are very important for your vehicles.