Day: June 24, 2021

Why Use Grey’s Auto Wobble Trailer Wobblers?

boat trailer wobble rollers

Grey’s Auto Wobble products are made using high quality T PE plastic material which is a close relative to polyurethane; hence the name wobble roller. They have been designed to outlast and out perform traditional rubber & PVC wobbler profiles. These boat trailer wobble rollers especially in grey are highly durable, making them perfect for use in all climate conditions. Most of these products come standard in either black or red, although other colours are available upon request.

How To Use Grey’s Auto Wobble Trailer Wobblers?

If you need to purchase boat trailer wobbler parts you will want to take a look at the range available from Grey’s Auto Wobble. The range features both single and double axle boat trailer parts. The most popular boat trailer wobbler products in this range are the single axle ones; these are the perfect ones for normal to high size single axle boat trailers. Grey’s also manufacture a range of double and triple axle wobbler products for all sizes of boat trailer applications.

Boat trailer accessories such as this can be used to greatly reduce the chances of your boat trailer being left out in the elements or the local park being used by irresponsible boaters. Purchasing one of these products is also a great way to protect your boat from the elements as well as minimising your insurance premiums. You will find that there are several different types of wobbler products available depending on the type of trailer you own. For example, if you have a light duty small trailer you will most likely want to go with a two wheel wobble rather than a three wheel wobbler. The same principle applies for larger trailers.