Adeliezza – Glass for Adeliezza

Jul 2, 2021 Uncategorized

The Adelaide Glaziers of the National Rugby League is based in Adelaide, South Australia and they are a professional club that won the premiership in 1998. They have also qualified for the finals three times and in their history they have only missed out once. The club is run by the father of two former premiership players, Glen Eden and John Cartwright. They play at the Adelaide Oval stadium which is named after the former Prime Minister and his wife – This link

Why Is the Adelaide Glaziers Reliable?

The Adelaide glaziers are a very successful club with a proud history and they have a dedicated and talented playing list that are able to provide the club with some huge dividends. This year is likely to be the club’s last season playing at the Aussies and they will be searching for a new home. The team has discussed a number of different options with local businesses and the manager, James Sigmund, indicated that one of those options could be having a glass replacement at the games. This is a unique idea because it would provide an element of fun as the Adelaide weather does not hold up well when it comes to glass.

“We are looking at Adelaide glaziers becoming the ‘glass replacement’ for the game,” Sigmund said. “This will help our players with their fitness as well as providing a glass for an emergency glass replacement when needed. I am sure all the clubs in the future will look at this idea.”

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