BIN Hire – Altona Residents’ Guide

Sep 14, 2021 Uncategorized

For residents in Altona, taking advantage of bin hire Altona services from Asom is easy and affordable with their convenient pickup locations. Bin hire enables residents to haul their own waste for no extra cost. To ensure the safety and security of your waist, they have a comprehensive waste haulage policy in force. All of the waste they pick up can be deposited directly into secure, covered, locked bins located in strategic locations throughout the local area.

How To Do BIN Hire

bin hire altona


The bin hire company will deliver the waste on an allocated date to your chosen location. If you place in this big you can not put any hazardous material in it. Therefore, if you do place in this bin anything that can cause damage or injury to another person or animal, such as asbestos, lead paint, lead-filled paint, glass, or food products, you may be committing an offense under the Hazardous Materials Act 1974. You may also be liable to prosecution under the Animal Products Act 1992 if you place any hazardous food products in this bin. In both cases, you can refuse to place any of the above in this bin and they will remove it for you. However, you cannot place in this bin more than two liters of material of any one particular product.

Most of the skip bins in Altona are climate-controlled and are accessible for residents of all ages. They offer a compact, flexible alternative to traditional waste management solutions. For more information regarding skip bins hire in Altona, contact them directly. Alternatively, you can visit their website and book your appointment online.

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