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Do PBNs Actually Work?

Best PBN links are perhaps the most utilized form of black hat SEO. Huge networks of blogs spread across several different IPs with loads of relevant content, links and authority which you can purchase as backlinks from. Usually hosted by the exact same individual or company who owns the blogs that spread his blog links all over the internet. In order to be able to obtain a backlink to your website, one would have to ask for PBN (otherwise known as PPC) links to be placed onto your site. These backlinks are a kind of a viral marketing strategy and can help you to increase your search engine rankings in just about any search engine within minutes of being created.

The truth behind PBN links is that they are not really used in Google’s indexing, but rather on their own. It has nothing to do with Google at all, but instead it is a method that search engines use to tell the difference between two websites. If two sites are alike in content and backlink building techniques, they will receive the same rankings in Google’s index. However if one site has a significantly better backlink construction than the other, Google will score it as a higher authority site due to the fact that it is more likely to be legitimate. This does not mean that PBNs are useless, but that they do not account for as many backlinks as real backlinks (which Google loves) may appear to your visitors.

Most of the time people focus on the PBN algorithm and how it affects their rankings in the SERPs. The truth behind PBNs is that they are not really used by Google in any way. The only true way that Google actually uses PBN links in their algorithms is to determine the page rank of certain websites. Google does this by observing how many other sites link back to a website. For example, if a website has many pages with backlinks to it, and the number of these backlinks increases each time the website is mentioned, Google will attribute the page ranking (PR) to the incoming links.

Breakfast at the Oven

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Breakfast at the Oven

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