Excavation Hire – Bringing the Power of Excavation to Your Site

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Excavation Hire a company specialising in Mini Excavator Dry-lease, have numerous machines, tools and equipment on both long and short term lease agreements, providing you total control of your excavation project. The versatility of the equipment and the various techniques and methods to use them are unmatched by any other company in the industry. The company is based in Melbourne, Australia and has been working with clients across the country for over 10 years. There selection of equipment spans all areas of heavy equipment and excavation. Their wide variety of machinery includes bulldozers, scrapers, earthworms, trucks, earth drillers, and even cable plows. All the equipment is regularly serviced to ensure maximum performance and there extensive repair and maintenance program, guaranteeing you the most efficient operation of each machine.

How to Do Excavation Hire

excavation hire


Every job requires careful planning and preparation and Excavation Hire excels at this, having an extensive library of construction plans and drawings, both the pre-production and post-production varieties. They can work with a number of different developers and contractors and can often find a low-cost deal for a large construction project, helping to keep costs down. In addition to pre-production plans and drawings they also provide both custom and pre-construction site surveys. Site surveys are extremely important when preparing for any excavation project and they help in determining the site plan, building boundaries, utility connections, topography and vegetation requirements. The surveys help the client determine the amount of excavation required, the type of crane and other equipment needed as well as the location of utilities and infrastructure.

The company is constantly seeking new ways to improve their customer’s experience and one way they do this is by offering a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories for all types of excavation equipment. They also offer a full staff of licensed and insured operators who are highly trained to handle all types of excavation projects including wet-site excavation, surface drilling, site subsidence, strip mining, road digging, roofing removal and other specialized equipment. The equipment they offer can range from small hand operated machines to large hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, trucks, cable plows and earthmoving equipment. They also have a full service shop with over 150 fully equipped machines, trailer and truck mount excavators as well as a fully stocked service shed. Excavation Hire are experts in providing all the equipment you may need to ensure the best results at the lowest cost possible and they are willing to make special offers and discounts to accommodate all budgets.

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