Little Giants Childcare Centre in Auburn – Learn About a Comfortable Child Care Environment

Nov 13, 2020 Childcare

little giants childcare centre in auburn

The Little Giants Childcare centre in Auburn is the first daycare centre in the Auburn area to offer the option of Kindergarten and Preschool education. Located on the corner of Broadlands Road and Oak Street, this childcare centre offers convenient and safe parking for visitors while they wait to visit with your children. In addition to their regular classes, the Little Giants Childcare Centre in Auburn also offers several classes in music, sports, computer games and arts and crafts that your children can choose to participate in.

Little Giants Childcare Centre in Auburn

When you bring your little ones to this childcare centre in Auburn for preschool or nursery education, you can expect the same level of educational care as you would from a school. As parents, you will be expected to provide your kids with quality and consistent attention that they deserve. This includes a variety of educational activities that your children learn while having fun at the childcare centre. Some of the things that your children can expect to learn at the Little Giants Childcare Centre in Auburn include Math, Language Arts, Physical Education, Science and Environmental Studies. Your child’s development will continue throughout his or her early years in an environment where he or she is surrounded by caring and knowledgeable adults.


Your children will love playing games on the playground and running around the playground. They can even enjoy learning about the different animals that live in the area and what goes on in this community. With the many programs that you and your children will participate in as you prepare your children for a successful childhood, the Little Giants Childcare Centre in Auburn is the place for you and your kids to relax and enjoy yourself.

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