Vintage Leather Bag, Tried and True

Jan 20, 2021 Shopping

A fine leather handbag calls for a fine tobacco pouch. If you are in the market to upgrade your current handbag, why not buy a vintage leather pouch and use it to store your favorite accessories? The pouch may be the most important accessory you purchase when shopping for a new handbag. Once you have your new pouch, you will want to find the best way to display it so the world can see your sense of style!

Tobacco pouch – The market to upgrade your current handbag

Natural leather A natural leather bag has that special scent emanating from it. When purchasing your new pouch remember that the scent may wear off within a couple weeks because of the manufacturing process that uses natural essential oils instead of synthetic chemicals. If the fragrance should wear off by then, here are some suggestions: A mild freshener like Febreeze. This is a deodorant made from petroleum jelly and has a very subtle scent.

Tobacco pouch Also referred to as a roll up tobacco pouch, this type of leather bag is a fantastic accessory to have because tobacco leaves and tobacco pouches tend to go bad after a certain length of time. Many times these can be found for less than $20. When shopping for your new pouch remember that you are looking for a solid tobacco smell, so avoid the cheaper roll ups or pleated versions. Instead, focus on a heavy rich tobacco smell and make sure you buy the right size pouch for your needs (i.e. dimensions are critical).

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